cross cut is when paper is shredded into small

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confetti-shaped pieces
By using a cross-cut shredder machine you have three main advantages
strip cut, cutting capacity  
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How do I choose the correct shredding machine?
The best choice involves first determining what category of machines you require for your home, office or department. Then, decide on your specific security requirements and the amounts and types of material you need to destroy.

What is cross cut?
Cross cut is when paper is shredded into small, confetti-shaped pieces. By using a cross-cut shredding machine you have three main advantages:

  • Higher security than strip cut
  • The waste box will require emptying less frequently
  • Uses less waste collection sacks

What is strip cut?
Paper is cut into long parallel strips like spaghetti by the shredding machine. Strip cutting shredding machines tend to be less expensive than cross-cutting shredding machines.

What is cutting capacity?
The cutting capacities are quoted as how many separate sheets of paper can be shredded in each single operation. We also show how many sheets can be shredded per minute as shredders run at different speeds. The more sheets per minute, the faster is the machine.
What is throat width?
The throat width is the size of the opening into which the paper is fed. This determines the size of paper that can be shredded without being folded first.
What are security levels?
There are different security levels a shredding machine can have. The higher the number of the security level, the more secure is your information (also see table "Security Levels" further down).
What is DIN Standard?
The DIN Standard is a European classification of security levels which states the sizes of the shreddings allowed; the smaller the particle, the higher the security level. All data generally referring to 70 gr/sqm DIN A4 paper.
Can I shred small pieces of paper?
A4 and A3 shredding machines are able to shred smaller sheets of paper. To activate the automatic start sensor, the paper should be placed in the centre of the entry throat.
Why do I need a waste sack?
Whilst most shredding machines do not absolutely require waste collection sacks, it makes emptying of the waste shreddings much easier and will definitely reduce the amount of mess generated. Waste sacks are designed to let the air out when full to maximise the capacity of the bag, but to keep the dust particles inside.
How do I know, when the waste bin is full?
Larger shredding machines will either have a "bin-full" indicator or will automatically stop when full. Smaller machines will need to be checked to see how much shredded waste is in the bin and to judge when it needs to be emptied
What is a duty cycle?
The Duty Cycle of a machine is the amount of time the machine will shred before the motor cuts out. If this happens, leave the machine to cool down and it will automatically reset itself. The higher specification of the machine, the longer is the Duty Cycle.
Can I have my shredder serviced?
All machines can be serviced either during or after the warranty. Please make sure that you have proof of purchase when reporting a claim. It is advisable for machines to be placed under a Service/Maintenance Contract to prolong the life. Please contact your supplier for further information
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